October 15, 2015


As of today, MortgageKeeper will be officially known as SpringFour.

The name change reflects an exciting time of increased visibility in the financial technology sector, new products, and an expanded vision for the organization.

As we enter our next decade of service, our mission to help consumers find what they need for financial health remains the same. We will continue to offer innovative products and tools and expand our reach so that even more consumers receive assistance. We will do so under the new name, SpringFour.

We will continue to be your trusted source of programs, tools, and products that allow your customers to achieve their goals-whether it’s sustaining homeownership, paying off student debt faster, weathering unemployment, finding affordable housing or health care, caring for an elderly parent, opening a savings account, or just spending less every month. We are proud of having made over 5.5 million referrals since 2005. Every month 100,000 referrals are provided to consumers by more than 30 subscribers, 2,000 nonprofit counselors, mortgage servicers, and veteran assistance nonprofits.

What’s not changing? Our vision to provide organizations with technology solutions that allow them to help consumers work through financial challenges and secure financial health, along with our commitment to provide responsive, professional service. We will soon look a little different, but the 9,000 resources and functionality you’ve come to trust and use daily remains the same.

Keep an eye out on our new website,, for our latest news. We have some exciting plans for the months ahead-such as our new consumer-facing mobile app, LifeKit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 866-732-2246.

We remain committed to bringing financial health to life,

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey
SpringFour, Co-Founder, President & CEO


We look forward to the opportunity to speak in greater detail with you about SpringFour products. To schedule an online tour of our products, please contact our sales team at

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